Our portfolio comprises a very broad and attractive range of products From mashed potatoes, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood to delicious cakes, herring products, roulades and vegan products.
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All companies have one thing

in common - they have it in

their production areas:

"Own or optimally controlled

raw materials and a high level

of production know-how".


LeV - The Food Solution Specialist

for industry, food service and the retail trade

LeV Lebensmittel Vertrieb GmbH has been operating as an independent sales company since 1986. We represent leading manufacturers, predominantly from Scandinavia, in a firm and continuous cooperation and take over the distribution of your goods to the German food industry and the wholesale and retail trade. Our goal is the establishment and development of cooperation. The bundling of sales activities brings with it a considerable degree of synergy effects and efficiency with regard to the entire handling. Feel free to contact us, we help you with the implementation of your projects and help your assortment to positive impulses.


Our production partners are all well-known quality companies. Of course we produce according to the highest quality standards..
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